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The solar water heater PIRSOL with copper collector has the form shown in the photograph and is available in 3 types.

1. The H120 (collector surface 2 m2), boiler 120 lt.
2. The H150 (collector surface 3 m2), boiler 150 lt.
3. The H200 (collector surface 4 m2), boiler 200 lt.
The solar water heater has the ability to convert solar energy into plenty of hot water for use in the bathroom, the kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher safe, even for auxiliary heating. The solar water heater is constituted by the following parts:

1. The boiler costructed from 3mm thick carbon steel sheet and able to withstand the water pressure of the piping system. The inside surfaces are coated with bonded enamel to provide complete corrosion protection.The boiler is also cathodically protected through the use of magnesium bars to prevent galvanic reactions. The insulation is 7 cm thick polyurethane to keep the water hit over 48 hours. The boiler can operate connected to the

central heating system or with solar or electric power.

2. The Collector made of copper thickness - 12F. It is configured properly on both sides and connected in a way that allows water flow closed circuit. It is quite flexible in shrinkage and expansion.

We also supply selective collector

3. Exterior fiber glass lining to insulate the boiler and make the material impervious to oxidation. The resistance to corrosion makes the boiler especially attractive for use in the coastal areas that so adversely impact other metals.

4. Skid and parts of electrostatically painted 3 mm thick piping. As treated, the parts are in position to combat any strong wings and the sea spray of the coastal areas

The COLLECTOR has the following characteristics:

  • Crystal 4 cm
  • Fiberglass insulation 4 cm
  • Cellular collector surface
  • Frame profile aluminum painted by electrostatic polyester paint


We supply all types of Solar boiler upon request.




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