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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on long experience in the field of solar water heating, we collected a comprehensive list of questions covering a wide range of them we have been asked from time to time.
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Solar heater is the conduit that converts solar energy into hot water to meet daily needs. It is now a way of saving unnecessary expenses such as electricity, gas. The solar water heaters PIRSOL are economically viable for energy and contribute significantly to energy savings, environmental protection and lower bills. It is usually associated with other energy sources such as electricity and radiant heating.
By buying a quality solar water heater and depending on its use, we could save 40% to 80% money and energy. So having an extra incentive of free hot water, solar water heater “PIRSOL” is an asset to every household that wants to better organize future expenses.
You must first consider what you spend in terms of power to get hot water. It's hard to know since your account does not provide this information. Usually, it is consumed about ¼ of the electricity on an average household to produce hot water. Also, you spend money on electricity anyway. Using a solar water heater saves an annual average of approximately 100 euros. The best investment is one in which the solar water heater gives the maximum for hot water in peak days. The more hot water you use, the greater your savings.
The period of repayment of your money by purchasing a solar water heater definitely depends on many factors. The location, installation costs, levels of exposure, the annual use of solar, qualitative characteristics and inflation, are reasons which show this variation. Usually, the overall damping range from 5-7 years. From our experience, our products last between 18-25 years. This of course depends to a large extent on the maintenance will be done.
Depends on how often you spend hot water so electricity is consumed. Look how much is your electric bill. Each family has different needs eg number of members, how big is the house, what appliances are used, the lifestyle of the household, etc. Giving importance to the electric bill will show you how beneficial will be to install the solar water heater. Generally, solar water heaters PIRSOL are equipped to satisfy even the most demanding customer / household.
Since 1979, PIRSOL is using the highest quality materials for the construction of solar and meeting European standards for efficiency. The boiler is certified with the CE and collectors with the National Center for Physical Sciences "Demokritos", STANDARDS IN 12975-2/ISO 9806-1, ELOT EN ISO / IEC 17025.
Along with the sale of solar water heater or boiler, the factory warranty is given directly to the customer with the seal of the company PIRSOL. The solar panels have 5 years warranty and all types of boilers 3 years. So, with ally our reliability, we draw attention to potential customers to pay attention to any excessive long-term warrantees from various companies. Also, customers are advised to read even the "small print" letters shown in warrantees.
The solar collectors PIRSOL are made to withstand even the most adverse conditions. They have tough glass lining thick 4 cm, which makes it capable of protecting the internal collector from heavy rain, strong winds, hail, etc. But if they happen to break, there will be a direct replacement from our company as long as it is within the warranty period. If the warranty period has passed, parts will be available from our company at cheap prices.
Our company tries to meet the needs of consumers with the two existing types of solar water heaters: a) pressed collector and b) copper (plain or selective). The pressed collector is more efficient and is configured to reach up to 95 degrees C, the selective copper collector reaches 90-92 degrees C and the simple copper to 80-84 degrees C. Certainly, an important role is the insulation surrounding the boiler through the polyurethane foam that keeps hot water even up to 48 hours.
Typically, rain does it anyway. Thus, in most cases you do not need to clean the panels. However, it is recommended to clean the surface often because either the cloud or humidity or dusty days may cause dirt on the surface and prevent absorption of solar energy, and therefore the efficiency of solar water heater. Proper way to clean is the water hose. The maintenance of the solar water heater is almost negligible. You must use antifreeze every two years, as it will be indicated to you by the plumber during installation. The use of factory antifreeze we give is special for solar water heaters. You should NOT use any antifreeze. Thus, long-term problems with the solar water heater are avoided.
Nothing to start. The plumber or one of our partners will show you what you need to know about the operation of the solar and give you professional advice on maintenance and cleaning of the solar water heater. All you need to know to start is to find professionals with experience in plumbing installation which will be ready at any time to help. PIRSOL company is able to recommend someone (if you don’t have one), depending on your location. So, he has easy access and is fully aware of your surroundings to provide any technical help of the system in your home.
The company works with many PIRSOL plumbers, bathroom suppliers, heating and air conditioning suppliers in many parts of Greece. Contact us by phone to give you more details about your region and discuss your needs.
You will receive a full solar water heater equipped with all necessary components (valves, rubber, antifreeze material, screws, etc.) and the bases of the solar (tile roof or flat roof) that require a plumber to install and make the solar heater operational.
PIRSOL has developed its products to add or re-linking with other products to meet your future needs as long as there is enough space for its installation. Truly, PIRSOL supplies all kinds and types of solar systems to meet all the customer needs.
Surely, it depends on the sunlight each day. The solar water heater PIRSOL is capable of producing hot water even with simple exposure to sunlight. During the winter, solar panels PIRSOL make a difference (especially with pressed panel) where a simple exposure to sunlight during the winter is able to heat up fast and cool slowly. Anti-freeze during the winter months is necessary. However, in a cloudy day you will have the use of electricity or gas to produce the required temperatures. Bearing in mind the Mediterranean climate of Greece, the exposure of solar radiation is considered adequate. Truly indeed, there is a table showing exposure of solar radiation in different parts of Europe every month.

Average of Solar radiation on a 10 year time-series (Kwh/m2/day)

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Annual Average

Munich 1.05 1.80 2.82
3.95 4.84
2.00 1.02 0.79 2.98
Madrid 1.93 2.75 4.09 4.83 5.85 6.52 7.11 6.30 4.91 3.07 1.97 1.59 4.62
Paris 0.89 1.62 2.62 3.95 4.90 4.83 5.35 4.61 3.33 2.00 1.12 0.72 3.34
Athens 2.00 2.52 3.67 5.21 6.38 7.52 7.61 6.91 5.57 3.50 2.16 1.63 4.56
Budapest 1 1.71 2.76 3.9 5.03 5.3 5.62 4.84 3.57 2.24 1.17 0.88 3.17
Dublin 0.56 1.07 1.97 3.32 4.4 4.3 4.3 3.4 2.69 1.43 0.77 0.43 2.39
Rome 1.78 2.52 3.71 4.87 5.98 6.84 7.08 6.34 4.83 3.08 1.98 1.56 4.21
Amsterdam 0.61 1.21 2.27 3.76 4.88 4.73 4.78 4.13 2.8 1.6 0.78 0.45 2.67
Oslo 0.3 0.87 1.68 3.12 4.65 4.84 4.59 3.36 2.22 1.02 0.42 0.19 2.27
Lisboa 2.27 2.99 4.3 5.15 6.13 6.46 6.89 6.33 5.11 3.44 2.27 1.84 4.43
London 0.67 1.26 2.22 3.48 4.54 4.51 4.74 4.01 2.86 1.65 0.89 0.52 2.61
Barcelona 1.89 2.71 3.97 4.99 5.82 6.56 7.01 6.07 4.72 3.11 2.04 1.7 4.6
1.27 1.89 2.91 3.65 4.84 5.36 5.97 5.21 3.91 2.4 1.42 1.08 3.33
Edinburgh 0.44 0.94 1.86 3.18 4.33 4.34 4.13 3.41 2.43 1.20 0.59 0.32 2.26

Source: Nasa and Solar Energy set


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