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solar water heaters

Solar water heaters in Greece replace mainly electricity both on land and on islands and contribute significantly to reducing the carbon emissions with economic and environmental benefits. Their absence would help to build a huge power plant to replace the function of the solar heat.


It’s a fact that Greece has almost the highest solar radiation with high sunshine duration in Europe and has a comparative advantage in the field of solar energy and more generally in solar plants remaining relatively undeveloped. According to publications, only about 30% of households use solar water heaters to meet the 3% of their consumption.


Solar water heaters are "devices" that convert solar energy into heat for homes, businesses, factories, hospitals, shelter, etc. They consist of panels that absorb sunlight and store it in the boiler in the form of hot water. Plus, solar panels are reliable in operation, have a long life, easy to install, have low maintenance requirements and ensure high productivity.


The absorption of solar energy depends on whether there are clouds and the orientation of the collector to the sun. For best returns it should face north and be slopped similar to the latitude of the site. However, a solar collector located between the south-east and south-west slope of about 30 degrees will have the same performance with perfect calculated orientation and angle. Any other position (eg east, west) can reduce up to 20% efficiency.


Each solar water heater’s productivity is less relevant since a large role plays the season, each day separately (cloudy) and all technical whims of each house.


Each consumer contributes in its own way in the use of solar water heater.


Reasons for installation of a solar water heater:

1) Eco-conscious

2) Utilization of solar energy for hot water

3) Relative energy autonomy

4) Lower bills relating to energy.

5) Increase in net asset value at resale.


Certainly, the solar industry is now a mature industry with a fertile soil to thrive more in the Greek market. Since 1979, PIRSOL has developed expertise and technology catalyzing the thoughts that solar energy is an experimental or obsolete idea.


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